Fedegroup, Food & Beverage professionals for over 15 years

A solid reality

Fedegroup is the 2004 brainchild of Marcello Forti's intuition and experience. Forti is the current president of the company. In 2019, after 15 years of excellent performances and constant growth, the Industry 4.0 Found fund, the new arm of Quadrivio Group, becomes a shareholder of the company to support its expansion in Italy and abroad. The company then chose Roberto Imperatrice, entrepreneur and current Nabucco Holding CEO, which includes Fedegroup, to lead the company.

Each Hotel is a space yours to discover

We were among the first to think of hotels as open places, without doors. We wanted them to be landmarks of cities capable of attracting an increasing number of customers with their food & beverage offer. 
This is why our chef brigade is committed to offering constantly changing menus, to selecting seasonal and italian produce. They are also committed to continuous growth through on-site training courses to be able to respond to the needs of all customers.

Our values

Fedegroup hotel catering

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Our team

Roberto Imperatrice

AD Nabucco Holding

Marcello Forti

Founder & Business Development

Federico Pedrazzini

Chief Financial Officer & President

Francesco Greco


Nicola Pezone

HR Director

Antonio Barbieri

General Manager

Massimo Furlan


Simonetta Pisano

Legal Manager